"Ah! Teaching a Lesson Called Competition!" "Aa! Taiketsu to Iu Na no Kyōiku Jisshū!" (ああっ対決という名の教育実習っ?) Aired: April 15, 2005

Skuld is having a hard time adapting to life on Earth, and her attempts to help Belldandy around the temple are not as successful as she would like. When Megumi turns up and criticizes Skuld's work on Keiichi's bike, both Megumi and Skuld decide to enter separate robots into a competition. Megumi embraces the help of others, but Skuld turns down all offers of assistance. Both contestants manage to produce their robots, but on the day of the contest it becomes clear that Skuld's emphasis on power over control has given the advantage to Megumi. Skuld attacks Megumi's creation with her own, but Megumi is able to stop her. In desperation, Skuld causes her robot to self destruct, destroying Megumi's in the process. However, Belldandy, Skuld, and Megumi manage to settle their differences and agree to work together next time.

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