03 Hild Angel Eater and Spear Mint

Angel Eater in it's anime look with Hild

The Angel Eater is a demonic creature that specifically eats angels. It cannot target more than one angel at a time, and can forcibly call an angel out of its host goddess by utilizing the angel help call.

The Angel Eater is also a parasite; it attached itself to Spear Mint within Lind and influenced her to go to Tarikihongan so that Hild and Marller's plan to defeat the goddesses and convert them into demons would take place.

The last we've seen of it was when Belldandy and the other goddesses, including Lind, used their angels to send it back to Hell. Since it isn't dead, we may see it yet again in the future.


  • Angel Eater is similar to Tornado Titan in Disney 1997 film Hercules while Dragon Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty is Rock Titan, Monstro from Pinocchio is Ice Titan and Destroyer of the World from Regular Show is Lava Titan

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