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Banpei is a robot built by Skuld. His original job was to guard the temple from the demon Mara. Due to later circumstances Banpei feels it his now his job to watch Keiichi and prevent him from putting the moves on Belldandy. Banpei has changed dramatically through out the series. One of the abilities he has is to go into different modes. He also was later on able to self-program himself and gains the ability to love. Unable to show emotion Banpei uses marker to draw various expressions on to his face. Banpei has a number of weapons to choose from to protect the temple from demons and to "protect" Belldandy from Keichi. Banpei has gradually gained many new abilities as Skuld continues to create new add-ons or functionality for him.


Shortly into creation his plug in wire power source was removed and he was given a battery pack for more maneuverability. Also while being upgraded he was able to self-program himself in order to gain sentience. He among other things was given the ability to love. Sadly shortly later his battery ran out and much of his sentience was lost.


Banpei has the various modes that he can transform in to. One such mode this being the most common, is a motorcycle mode that skuld often rides. He also can go in aqua-mode, which is named Blue-Six. He has many other modes but sadly very few of them have been shown for very long.

Love Life[]

Shortly after meeting Sigel Banpei fell in love. Although Sigel rarely shows affection to the love struck Banpei, he is still not disharted and continues to try to impress Sigel. He will also not hesitate to jump to Sigel's aid anytime she is in trouble.


  • "Banpei" means "sentry, guard" (番兵) in Japanese, but also "sentinel value" (computer programming term to describe a value that guarantees data loop termination in the absence of any other triggers).

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