Heaven is one of the two divine factions in the series. It is where the three main goddesses and several other
Heaven 01
characters reside. It contains, Yggdrasil (ユグドラシル, Yugudorashiru?), the heavenly computer system that maintains reality, with the Gods and Goddesses acting as its programmers, system administrators, and debuggers. Yggdrasil works with the Goddess Relief Office by notifing the goddesses such as Belldandy working at the office of people whose fortune and misfortune is out of balance given their actions such as fortitude in facing misfortune, kindness in sympathizing with others. Each person Yggdrasil chooses is granted one wish which can be anything ranging from "wealth that would last a life time" to the destruction of the world, or even for simply a "Girl like you".

Heaven is also the home of the Almighty One, or God, who reigns over the gods and goddesses and they must give to his command.

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