Keima Morisato is Keiichi and Megumi's father. He is an expert mechanic and racer, and is apparently allergic to most women other than his wife Takano. He does not seem to mind being around Megumi for the obvious reason that she is his daughter, and similarly he tolerates Belldandy, which could be due to her overtly good-natured personality, or the fact that she is a goddess.

Keima demonstrated in the manga that he is just as good, if not better, a mechanic and driver that his son Keiichi. Keiichi reveals later that Keima is a professional glass blower and not a mechanic.

In the anime, it is apparent that Keichi's parents significantly favor their daughter Megumi to Keichi, as they allow her more freedoms and provide her with provisions for college that were denied of her brother, considering her to be the more responsible child.

As a result, Megumi starts her college experience more positively than Keichi, having enough money to live in her own place, unlike her brother, who was confined to an all-male dorm before meeting Belldandy. This favoritism is recognized by Keichi, Megumi, and parents alike.

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