The Morisato family is an odd one, to say the least. Keima is apparently allergic to all women except Takano (his wife) and Megumi (his daughter). No wonder why Keiichi doesn't know how to act around women! The reason he's not nervous around Takano is because he's in love with her, which might insinuate exactly why he's not nervous around Belldandy...

Takano is a very young-looking mother (in contrast to the elderly-looking Keima), and is also very perceptive; she notices something odd about Belldandy.

Not a whole lot of background is given to how they've raised their children or how they grew up together as a family, but it's clear that there is a lot of love within the family; Keiichi and Megumi are particularly close, and the entire family is rather tight-knit.

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