The Nekomi Institute of Technology (Nekomi Kodai) is a university located in Chiba Prefecture of Japan. It has an emphasis on engineering such as vehicle construction and electronics. Many clubs try to win the students' favour, among them the NIT Motor Club.

This is the school that Keiichi (among many others) attends. Belldandy is shown being registered as a student in both the anime and the manga, but later in the manga she is never shown graduating, but stops attending classes (although she is by Keiichi's side while he takes German classes and works with him full time at Whirlwind).

In Japan, most (if not all) schools run on the academic Japanese school year, which begins in spring.


  • Kodai is a widely-used abbreviation for Kogyo Daigaku, with Kogyo meaning industrial and Daigaku university. As most Japanese technically oriented universities (Kodais) are called Institute of Technology, the translation seems appropriate (especially since Fujishima uses the term himself in the OVA artbook Evidence of Existence - sometimes also Nekomi Technical College.)
  • The neko-kanji in Nekomi means cat - which is the explanation for the various NIT logos and writings that contain cats (often on the racing suites - for example one in the TV series shows the N of NIT as a stylized cat.)

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