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Oh My Goddess! (ああっ女神さまっ, Ā Megami-sama?), also known as Ah! My Goddess!, is a Japanese seinen manga series written and illustrated by Kōsuke Fujishima. It premiered in the November 1988 issue of Afternoon where it is still being serialized. Every few months, the most recent chapters are published in tankōbon volumes by Kodansha (up to 48 exist as of April 2014, which is the series' end). The series centers on the relationship between college sophomore Keiichi Morisato and the goddess Belldandy.

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A Sixty Episode Fan Film Third Season was also created called Ah! My Goddess: Bad Goddess: The Anime Video Comic

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Celestine was a high-ranking god in Heaven, and was on one of Heaven's council seats. He served as Belldandy's mentor for most of her training, ever since she was a young girl.

Eventually, Celestine saw too much suffering in the third dimension. He knew that Belldandy would eventually become an agent for the Goddess Relief Office, and did not wish to expose her to such a cruel world. His plan was to fast forward time on Earth so that the world would evolve past hurting itself.

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