Otaki is a blonde burly guy who's Keiichi's sempai (Term of respect given to an elder, mentor or a more senior person.)

He, along with Tamiya ran the NIT Motorclub and after the club plans for a Hill-climb race in which they were absent for (But show at the actual race),they institute Keichii as the "head: of the Clubi but still control it from an "Executive High Level Branch". He is almost never seen without Tamiya. His most prominent hobbies are ( Mostly shared with Tamiya) are collecting good luck items, working on motorcycles and cars.

Early on in the anime he gets a girlfriend named Satoko, but after a episodes she's never seen again. But in the manga, along with Tamiya, he is in love with former Motor Club member(also who is the founder of it), and the owner of Whirlwind Chihiro Fujimi.

Note: His name is also romanized as Ootaki, Ohtaki or Ōtaki.

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