Shohei Yoshida (吉田 晶平 Yoshida Shohei) is a character in the anime television series Oh My Goddess!.

Shohei Yoshida was the temporary boyfriend of Urd in Episode 25 (bonus DVD episode) when she shrank due to problems at Yggdrasil as a result of the Lord of Terror incident. After spending a few days together, their relationship ends when Urd returns back to her normal size and confronts Shohei, but not before she gives something special to him to remember her by.

  • In both the original manga and the TV series, Shohei entertains Urd by lending her his handheld game console. In the manga, it's a NEC TurboExpress while in the anime it's a Sony PSP.
  • The scene where Shohei meets the grown up (fully restored) Urd and she tells him that her "little sister" has left is slightly different in the manga and anime. In the manga, the parting is final and Shohei understands that he'll never see "little Urd" once again. In the anime, Urd tells him to grow up quick and kisses him on the forehead, leaving the chance for a future relationship open.
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