Sora Hasegawa (長谷川空) is a student at Nekomi Institute of Technology, and in the manga she's probably the same year as Megumi (or around it). In the new TV series she's probably a second year student, but as of now it is unstated what year she is (especially since Keiichi's year has been bumped up to being a second/third year in the first couple of episodes).

Sora's a shy girl with big glasses, and it's anyone's guess as to why she's in the Motor Club with a bunch of burly guys. It's made apparent later that she's not even much of an enthusiastic racer, much less an avid mechanic. However, she is appointed by Keiichi to take the position of Motor Club Director eventually, and thus is now currently the director in the manga.

Development as a CharacterEdit

Sora seems to have feelings for Keiichi in both continuities (sans the OVA), but in the manga it's known that she has feelings for Toshiyuki Aoshima. However, it seems as if nothing has come of it, despite her more or less blatantly informing him of her feelings. One of the motor club members has a crush on her (as is revealed in the arc she becomes director), but it's a very sad game of musical chairs...

Sora may seem weak at times, but overall she grows steadily as the series progresses. One of the first occurrences of character growth were during the Softball story, where she gave it her all to help Megumi win the softball game. And then, in the New Director storyline, Sora had the aid of Belldandy to help her believe in herself and win the race. Over time, Sora becomes much like Keiichi; she begins to believe in herself, and instead of becoming a director that bosses everyone around, she becomes a director that everybody else helps propel forward.

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