"Ah! The Savior, Together With the Sound of a Flute?" "Aa! Kyūseishu wa Fue no Oto to Tomo Ni?" (ああっ救世主は笛の音と共にっ?) Aired: June 25, 2005

Belldandy, in search of sufficient power to stop the Lord of Terror, releases her full strength and buys the goddesses time to resolve the emergency. Meanwhile, Urd starts to unleash the Ultimate Destruction program by working through each level of protection. Belldandy finds her and attempts to destroy the urn in which the Lord of Terror was confined, inadvertedly removing the final layer of protection. This starts the destruction program and releases Fenrir. The Almighty contacts Skuld and sends her the vaccine for the program, and Belldandy does battle with Urd once more. During the battle however, the Lord of Terror leaves Urd to possess Fenrir. Skuld arrives and Belldandy blows Midgard's flute, the cure for the Ultimate Destruction program, summoning Midgard. The Lord of Terror is seemingly defeated, but at the last minute, he manages to take possession of Midgard.