The Oh My Goddess! TV Series began airing in Japan on January 6, 2005, and the last of 24 episodes aired on July 7, 2005. A second series began airing in April 2006. The TV series loosely follows the story of the manga, with some adjustments made for the television format as well as Fujishima's current interpretation of the characters.


What follows is the list of episodes so far, along with a brief synopsis, some screenshots, and a character analysis for each. The synopses are based on the AnimeONE/AnimeYuki translation, and will be replaced with synopses of the official version as it is released. Please note that the episode synopses and analyses on these page will most certainly contain spoilers, so read on at your own risk.

Series OneEdit

Series Two - Ah! My Goddess: Everyone Has Wings

§  Episode 1 - Ah! Wish, One More Time!

§  Episode 2 - Ah! The Troubled Queen of Vengeance!

§  Episode 3 - Ah! I Offer You This Feeling on Christmas Eve!

§  Episode 4 - Ah! I Want the World to be Filled with Happiness!

§  Episode 5 - Ah! The Wavelength That Captivates Love!

§  Episode 6 - Ah! This is Jealousy!?

§  Episode 7 - Ah! I Will Fulfill Your Wish!

§  Episode 8 - Ah! I Want To Be Of Help To You!

§  Episode 9 - Ah! The Goddesses Decide the Victory With a Date!

§  Episode 10 - Ah! That One Word I Cant Get Myself to Say!

§  Episode 11 - Ah! Grab Your Dream With That Hand!

§  Episode 12 - Ah! The Tears of a Goddess and His Dream!

§  Episode 13 - Ah! Wake Up! That Feeling!

§  Episode 14 - Ah! My Dear Cupid!

§  Episode 15 - Ah! Myself: The Goddess and the Devil?

§  Episode 16 - Ah! Not Fearing the Darkness, Shine Brightly!

§  Episode 17 - Ah! The Advent of the Great Demon Leader

§  Episode 18 - Ah! Do The Devils Have Dignity?

§  Episode 19 - Ah! A Goddess's Love Can Save the Ninjas!

§  Episode 20 - Ah! The Place Doesn't Matter As Long As the Two of U's Are Together

§  Episode 21 - Ah! Would It Be Okay If I Were A Demon?!

§  Episode 22- Ah! The Goddess's Confession!

§  Episode 23 - Ah! Everyone Has a Destiny!

§  Episode 24 - Ah! The Song of Love That Shakes the Heart!


Opening Songs:

  • Yoko Ishida - Open Your Mind (Season One, episodes 1-24)
  • Yoko Ishida - Color of Happiness (Season Two)

Ending Songs:

  • Yoko Ishida - Negai (Season One, episodes 1-12.5, 24)
  • Yoko Takahashi - Wing (Season One, episodes 13-23)
  • Yoko Ishida - Our Miracle (Season Two)