Oh My Goddess

Urd (ウルド Urudo) is Belldandy's older half sister and one of the main supporting protagonists of the series. She is the second Goddess that appears to Keiichi Morisato and often tries to further the relationship between her sister and the hapless college student, her antics often causing more problems than results for the couple.



Urd's full body

Urd is a tall and voluptuous dark bronze-skinned woman with back-length silvery gray hair that has waist-length hair strands hanging in the front with part of it framing her face from the front on the left side while a part on her hairline reveals her forehead, brown eyes, a curvaceous figure and large breasts.  

Despite choosing to become a Goddess, she bears little resemblance to her divine half-sisters and father, instead sharing most of her physical characteristics with Hild (Urd's demonic mother). Like all Goddesses and Demons shown in the series, Urd also has facial markings on her cheeks and forehead, hers taking the shape of solid, sharp, inverted triangles. Due to her mixed background, Urd's markings are a purple color as opposed to the blue of a Goddess or the red symbols marking a Demon, openly showing her dual ancestry. When her demonic side is brought to the surface, her markings turn red and become six-pointed stars like those of her mother. 

Her usual Goddess outfit is a form-fitting purple robe that reaches down to her ankles, with an opening on the side of her lower half to show off her left leg, and a large v-shaped opening in the front to reveal her ample cleavage and part of her mid-section. Her shoulder are covered with two black straps of cloth patterned with golden triangular designs, branching off of a dark cape with a purple liner that flows down her back. She also wears matching arm-length gloves, black shoes, silver bracelets, and a black choker similar to Belldandy's own.

While living on Earth, Urd typically chooses clothing that reveal her cleavage and legs, one of her most common outfits consisting of a purple top revealing her belly button, and a form-fitting bottom that reveals her legs. While she often goes without shoes, she occasionally wears heals and Urd also favors revealing bikinis as her choice of swimwear.


Unlike Belldandy (Urd's half-younger sister), Urd is very impulsive and headstrong, qualities which often cause her act first without fully considering the consequences. She is also a constant meddler, seemingly unable to leave well enough alone. Because of this, Urd spends much of her time scheming ways to help Keiichi Morisato and Belldandy's relationship along, many of which cause more trouble thanks to a mix of her own lack of foresight and the interference of Skuld (Urd's youngest sister). Urd's schemes often backfire, usually a result of her impulsive tendency to use raw power to solve a situation. Given her power levels this tends to cause explosions.

She is also quite short tempered for a Goddess, and is rather quick to anger and easily pushed into a fight. Urd is also notable for her tendency to lie, something a Goddess is usually forbidden from doing. In contrast, Urd often displays signs of being crafty and even manipulative, and is more than willing to stretch the truth if needed to accomplish an objective. Despite her numerous flaws, she usually means well and will do anything to protect her loved ones. As the oldest sibling, she believes it's also her duty to look after Belldandy and Skuld.

Urd is also very open and proud of her sex appeal, as evidenced by her provocative manner of dress, and constant jibes at the younger Skuld's lack of physical development. Her first appearance to Keiichi was through a semi-pornographic video she gave to him while in disguise.

The oldest Norn also has mutual love-hate relationship with her youngest sister, Skuld. Both seem to antagonize each other on purpose, with Urd usually teasing Skuld about her age, bust size, and apparent lack of talent with magic. However both girls care for each other and will come to the other's aid when necessary. Urd and Skuld are commonly seen playing different games at the table in front of the television for rights to watching their favorite shows, although both agree that simply watching television isn't as fun as the competition. Despite how often they bicker, the two appear to be best friends who secretly enjoy their unique relationship.


Urd was born as the eldest daughter of the Tyr and Hild; her father was the Almighty One of Heaven while her mother was the Ruler of Demonkind. Urd grew up in the Demon Realm of Hell for the first part of her life and befriended the demon Marller, the two establishing an odd relationship in which they would play tricks on each other and drink together. The mischievous duo had a tendency to cause trouble for each other, with Urd placing a bug in her friend's drink in return for the poison that Marller had planted in hers, even apologizing to each other afterwards by exchanging bouquets of flowers with exploding roses hidden inside. The two were separated when Urd chose to become a Goddess, leaving Marller alone and bitter at the loss of her only friend, something that she never fully recovered from.

The Norn of the Past was brought to Heaven to begin her training as a Goddess where she met her half-sister Belldandy. Although Urd was the older sibling, she looked up to her younger sister as the ideal towards which to aspire. Through her training, Belldandy was eventually able to summon her Angel, Holy Bell. Urd greatly admired the divine being's appearance, hoping that her own would have beautiful white wings too. Upon unlocking that same power within herself, Urd was horrified by the half-demonic appearance of her own Angel, World of Elegance. In a moment of mingled fear and anguish, she ordered it to never appear before her again, prompting the Angel to vanish from her sight.

When Belldandy was stricken with a virus, they needed a magical item known as "the Jade Dragon Stone of the East" in order to remedy her ailment. Urd volunteered to find it and headed straight to the palace of the Almighty One, stealing the eight-legged horse Sleipnir so that she could find the Jade Dragon faster. Since Sleipnir was such a temperamental beast, it took Urd three days to tame him, and during this time, others were able to find the Jade Dragon in her place.

Despite her multiple characters flaws and tendency to lie, Urd became the System Administrator of Yggdrasil alongside her younger sister, Skuld. The disagreeable duo was placed in charge of overseeing the functions on the supercomputer while preventing problems from occurring. At some point during her career, Urd encountered Marller causing trouble, and with Belldandy's help, they sealed her away.


Family Problems Arc

Urd first appears in the series when Belldandy notices that the System Force doesn't appear to be working, prompting her to call Heaven for answers. Her call is answered by her older sister Urd, who is already aware that the System Force is down, but uncertain when they will be able to fix it. The oldest Norn mentions that they have no need to worry, since it is only a backup system, and doesn't directly affect them, hanging up the phone with a mischievous chuckle.


Urd accidentally knocks him out

While Belldandy is out shopping, Keiichi Morisato receives an odd package containing a video labeled "Sexy Sister". He assumes it is some type of porn video sent to him by Hikozaemon Otaki and Toraichi Tamiya as a joke, but decides to take a peak at the content anyway. As soon as he puts the tape in the VCR, Urd emerges from the television and lands on his face. She surveys the mess and panics when she realizes that Belldandy is coming. Knowing that the First Class Goddess will sense her presence otherwise, she grabs the video and conceals herself from view. Belldandy scans Keiichi's memories only to find her older sister's image in his mind, angrily calling out for her to reveal herself. Urd phases through the temple floor, having known that she would figure it out sooner or later, and introduces herself to Keiichi. She explains that her job on Earth is to repair the System Force after a problem caused it to stop functioning. The younger Goddess questions who is maintaining Yggdrasil since her sister happens to be the administrator, but Urd claims she left the analysis and debugging to their youngest sister, Skuld. Having become impatient at the obvious lack of progress in their relationship, Urd begins showing some images of their past interactions, declaring her desire to heat things up between them. Belldandy becomes upset with her for spying on them, reminding her that as a Second Class Deity with a limited license, she doesn't have the authority or the access to monitor subjects on Earth. Belldandy demands she hand over the recording immediately and blasts her sister with magic, but Urd raises a barrier, reflecting the blast at Keiichi.


Subjecting Keiichi to mind control

While taking a bath later that night, Keiichi ponders how Urd is nothing like Belldandy, describing the older woman as a real "femme fatale". Urd then bursts into the bathroom asking if he would like her to scrub his back, but he panics and refuses, making her wonder if this is the reason why his relationship with Belldandy hasn't made any progress. As he gropes around for a towel to cover himself, she decides to teach him a thing or two about real women, and uses a verbal spell to take control of him. Urd forces him to leave the tub and approach her, but something interferes with the magic. The image of Belldandy in his mind allows him to break free, but Urd recasts her spell at full power, forcing an internal struggle within Keiichi that causes her to lose her patience and collapse the ceiling in on him. Belldandy walks in on them and helps Keiichi out of the rubble, explaining that her sister has a tendency to be passionate about everything, resulting in an "end justifies the means" view on the world. Unfortunately Urd sometimes becomes so engrossed in forcing an issue, that she forgets what the end result was supposed to be. Keiichi becomes lost during the explanation, so Belldandy decides to tell a story about their past history in Heaven, going on to mention that Urd is a much more powerful Goddess than herself.

Later on, the older Goddess slips into his room while he is eating a bag of chips, placing herself in front of them so that he gropes her breasts instead. Although he is horrified by the sudden intrusion, Urd tells him that if she cannot fix the System Force, Belldandy will be forced to exhaust her own power to remain on Earth, and will eventually have to return to Heaven to replenish her powers. Keiichi asks what he can do to ensure this doesn't happen, but Urd asks him for sex, claiming that by doing so she can use her own body to pass his genetic information to Heaven, thus solving the problem. Although Keiichi is shocked by her proposal, he remembers Belldandy saying something about Goddesses being unable to lie, and gives it some serious consideration. Belldandy wakes up moments late to notice her sister is not in bed, quickly hurrying to put a stop to whatever is going on. Meanwhile, Urd gloats to herself about having placed an even stronger spell inside Keiichi during their last encounter, and is confident that he will not resist her charms this time. He is about to give in when Belldandy storms into the room. Keiichi claims Urd was only trying to restore her sister's energy, but Belldandy reveals that Urd's tendency to lie so often resulted in her being sentenced to remain a lower class Goddess. the two sisters begin to feud, but before they can fight, a bolt of lightning descends from the sky and renders Urd unconscious. Belldandy notes the strange inscription that had appeared on the floor beside her sister, reading it to learn that Urd was responsible for the recent system problems and has thus been exiled to Earth as a punishment. Urd wakes up saying she will be staying with them for a while, much to Keiichi's dismay.

On the day of the Nekomi Tech School Festival, the Auto Club is hosting a beauty pageant with Otaki as host and Sayoko Mishima, Urd and Belldandy as the frontrunners. Despite the presence of the two Goddesses, Sayoko is confident that she will be voted Campus Queen again this year, squealing when Urd suddenly feels her breasts. Otaki jokingly tells Urd not to bother trying for bonus points, but Sayoko is much less amused. Urd senses her hostile emotions and proclaims she will regret trying to defy the Goddesses, much to Belldandy's dismay. Having finished with the swimwear contest, Otaki announces that the next phase will involve the contestants fixing several broken motorcycles. Sayoko cheats and discovers that the easiest bike to fix is 18, prompting her to take it from Belldandy. Urd angrily tells her sister that there must be something different about 18 if she wanted it that badly, but Belldandy simply points out that Sayoko has an unlucky star above her head. Otaki then explains that the service stands at the festival each have pieces of a picture hidden inside their products, and that the contestants must travel around and collect them, piecing together the puzzle and bringing the person in the picture with them to the stage. Urd becomes impatient when she notices the other girls getting ahead of her, angrily kicking her bike and accidentally getting it to start.

Sayoko does reasonably well in the competition and plans to stop for something to eat at the next checkpoint, but Urd casts a spell to keep the food from running out in order to slow her progress. While continuing her search, Urd manages to find one picture hidden under a female singer's dress by lifting her skirt in the middle of her concert, shocking the girl and thrilling her male audience. When the girls finish assembling their pictures and realize that Keiichi is the person they need to find, Urd leads the charge as they go racing off after him. Keiichi panics, but becomes surprisingly happy as the girls start fighting over him. The motorcycle Belldandy fixed earlier remembers her kind touch and senses her desperation, moving extra fast and allowing her to grab Keiichi and return to the stage first. Belldandy is then declared Campus Queen, with Urd and Sayoko coming in second and third place respectively.


"Buy it... Buy it for Urd!"

One day while watching television with Megumi Morisato, Keiichi asks them both what kind of gift would make a girl happy in the hopes they can provide some gift ideas for Belldandy. Megumi only gives him a list of expensive things she wants, but dismisses her as being too naive, boldly proclaiming that the only thing any woman really wants is a night on the town. Keiichi concludes they neither of them is normal and decides to ask Belldandy directly, but she misinterprets the question and asks him to pick up some soy sauce at the store. While passing a jewelry store, Keiichi hears a ring calling out for him to buy it, but he quickly figures out the source of the voice when it tells him to buy it for Urd. As he calls out to her, she jumps down from the nearby tree, telling him that the ring would be a perfect gift for her sister. He resolves to work hard and earn the money, passing out from exhaustion that night after enduring back-breaking labor all day. When Bellandy questions Urd about it, the older Goddess compliments his strong resolve and tells her to let him see it through to the end, to which Belldandy reluctantly agrees. After obtaining enough money to pay for a nice ring, he presents it to Belldandy as his thanks for a great year. She accepts it with gratitude and happily envelops him in a loving embrace, gently planting a kiss on his cheek.

Another day at the temple, Urd redecorates Keiichi's room to look like a sleazy love hotel in an attempt to hasten her sister's romance life, resulting in another angry duel between the two sisters. Hoping for a romantic Christmas away from Urd's interference, the couple enter a raffle to win a romantic dinner and a free night together at an expensive Hotel Koenig. While Belldandy's prayers allow them to win, they fail to hide it from Urd, while Sayoko also manages to stumble onto their secret. The next night while they are enjoying dinner in the hotel's dining hall Sayoko attempts to ruin their romance, but Urd also interferes by bringing a turkey dinner to life and forcing it to attack her. Angered by her sister's interference, Belldandy animates her own meal, and the two dinners fight, much to the horror of the humans present. As the living food begins turning into giant monsters, Keiichi and Belldandy run off and decide to eat at home instead. Urd cleans up the mess and meets them there, leaving behind a traumatized Sayoko.

On New Year's Eve, Keiichi makes a resolution to get closer to Belldandy this year, writing down this goal on a piece of paper using an ink brush. While eating another of Belldandy's dinners, he compliments the impeccable quality of the food she prepared while Urd secretly steals his resolution paper. They are interrupted by the arrival of several guests, including Megumi Morisato, Sayoko Mishima, Toraichi Tamiya, Hikozaemon Otaki and Satoko Yamano. Urd then pushes them into playing a game of "Life Suguroku Special", claiming that the predictions listed in the spaces on the game board will happen in real life. As they play through the game, the fortunes come true, albeit not always in the way most people would expect. Belldandy eventually notices that her and Urd seem to be doing better than the other players and questions if her sister is cheating, but Urd innocently denies it, despite having rigged the game board's spinner to control the outcome of the game. Belldandy figures out Urd is using a Laplacian Demon to cheat, and wins the creature over to her side, allowing her to win the game, much to her sister's amusement. While Belldandy rescues Keiichi from one of the bad predictions he suffered during the game, Urd notices that Otaki and Satoko were gone for most of the game, welcoming them back, but telling them that it ended in their absence.

With another semester winding down, the Auto Club turns up with booze, having decided to celebrate at the temple. Urd tries to get them to play another round of Life Sugoroku, but is stopped be Keiichi. After being forced into a dress and wig by the drunken crowd, Keiichi runs to Belldandy for help. She creates a copy of him to distract the others, but they are interrupted by Urd and the Auto Club, who are all too drunk to realize that there shouldn't be two of him. While Otaki and Tamiya take the copy and force it to crossdress, Urd grabs the real Keiichi and subjects him to her own antics. The next morning Urd wakes up to find the Keiichi duplicate standing next to her, muttering about taking the exam. She then imbues a broomstick with magic and has it fly the clone to the NIT campus, not knowing it is a fake. Although Keiichi manages to arrive in time to fix the mess and pass his exam, he gains a reputation as a crossdresser afterwards.

New Rivals Arc

With the beginning of the new semester, the various clubs at the Nekomi Institute of Technology begin holding events to attract new members. Urd and Belldandy perform on stage to help out the Auto Club, their efforts grabbing the focus of a large number of male students.

The next day on campus, she stumbles onto a plot by Sayoko Mishima and Toshiyuki Aoshima (Sayoko's cousin) to discover the secret behind Belldandy's strange powers. While the troublesome duo is stalking Keiichi and Belldandy with a video camera, Urd asks what they are doing and pesters the cousins, forcing them into retreat. After repeatedly popping up in random places and pestering them several times, Urd discovers what they are up to and steals the video tape. Later at the temple, she warns Keiichi that they are planning something and destroys the tape. The following afternoon, Sayoko and Aoshima kidnap Keiichi in an attempt to lure Belldandy into revealing her powers to them, having recruited the S&M Club to subject him to their torture in the meantime. Urd arrives before her sister and rescues Keiichi by whipping the S&M Club members into submission, leaving them on the floor begging for more of her treatment. Although Aoshima and Sayoko manage to get a tape of the Goddesses using their powers analyzed by the Parapsychology Club, Urd uses magic to make the footage look like cheap special effects, further puzzling the troublesome duo.


  • Urd's name is most likely derived from the Norse deity Urðr, also spelled Urd or Urth, one of the Norns, similar to the Greek/Roman Fates or Moirai.